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Catherine Knibbs

Cybertrauma Therapist

A little background about me:

I am an engineer by trade (Mechanical/Electrical/Electronic) and trained in the Armed Forces (Army) as an Instrument Technician fixing Day and Night Sights, Lasers, and other optical equipment in a department called Optronics.

Before Psychotherapy, Computing

When I left the Army I moved into a computing career which included working for companies such as HP, Siemens Nixdorf, Dell, Tiny, Synstar and working in companies such as ESSO, Natwest and for PC World, Currys and Dixons. I have worked first and second line support and moved into working for a company who provide DLM for the largest companies in the U.K. and worked for a gaming company called SPOnG before training as a Psychotherapist.

Family and Personal Time

I have raised two boys, (now adults) whilst being a qualified FA Football Coach, Karate Instructor and student in Shotokan and Kickboxing. In my school/Army days I played Hockey professionally too.

PhD in Cybertrauma; Psychotherapist in Private Practice

I now have a profession that sees me completing a PhD in Cybertrauma, practising as a Psychotherapist in private practice.  I am a director and clinical lead for my own trauma company for children, adolescents and adults. I run training courses for Counsellors and Psychotherapists around the topics of GDPR, Data Protection/Cybersecurity and Sex and Pornography Talk in the therapy room for both Child/Adult practitioners and I am a director in a company that works with corporate business in helping them achieve optimal performance, coherence and productivity at work. 

‘Biohacking’; Using Nutrigenomics For Optimal Health

I can and do manage the above through a process and self-care focus of ‘Biohacking’ which is using Nutrigenomics (I have had my DNA sequenced) to help me use the correct diet/food types, supplementation, exercise and lifestyle in order to be of optimal health going forward to enhance my epigenetic markers and telomere length. This may all sound very science based and that’s not entirely the full truth here as I use many self-care routines to lighten the load of toxic stress, trauma and life to manage my caseloads and my own mental health.

‘Walking The Walk’; Using Cutting Edge Technology And Research

I walk the walk and talk the talk before recommending anything to my clients (in all businesses) and I am using cutting edge technology and research to aid me in this.

Clinical Researcher in CyberTrauma

I am a clinical researcher in a new area of Psychotherapy/Psychology called Cybertrauma (I am proposing a new theory) whilst I am writing books and peer-reviewed journal articles around this topic so that it can become the framework with which my profession can refer to when working with clients who have suffered a cybertrauma. It is a complex area and this is why it is taking me some time to write it up.  The books will be helpful for parents and professionals so please do keep an eye out for these soon.

Professional CV

Please see my professional CV for details of my career.

My Work

I undertake a wide range of work, promoting the message of keeping people safe online, to prevent them from succumbing to Cyber Trauma.

Please feel free to take a look at the various types of work I have recently written, recorded or shared.

Say Hello!

Please feel free to contact me, either via the form below, or by the other methods given on the Contact Me page.

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