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S.P.A.R. Model

of Trauma Recovery

Psychobiological (polyvagal/somatic)

A Model of Trauma Recovery developed and based on Polyvagal System

Catherine has developed a model of trauma recovery based on her understandings of the Polyvagal system, Trauma and Psychotherapy work from names such as:

Daniel Siegel, Stephen Porges (A personal hero) Joseph Le Doux, Jaak Panksepp, Bessel van De Kolk, Bruce Perry, Louis Cozolino, Peter Levine, Pat Ogden, Norman Doidge, Ruth Lanius, Richard Davidson, Rick Hanson, Gabor Mate, Allan Schore, Peter Fonagy, Sebern Fisher, Daniel Goleman, John Kabat Zinn, Judith Herman, Antonio Damasio, Ronald Seigel, Tina Bryson, Mary Hartzell, Paul Gilbert, Paul Zak, Paul Eckman, Alan Watkins, Jill Bolte Taylor, Michael Merzenich, Brene Brown, Kristen Neff, Daniel Amen, Richard Erskine, Ekhart Tolle, Tami Simon, Ruth Buczynski, Michael Gazzaniga, Walter Mischel, Daniel Kahneman, Dave Asprey, Jim Kwik, Michael Brues, Jamie Wheal, Stephen Kotler, John Gray, Tim Desmond, The CO-ED Foundation and the teachings/books from the Dali Lama.

Theoretical Integration

Catherine applies this to her Cybertrauma work and as a therapist uses Theoretical Integration to underpin her work as a trauma therapist. She also teaches this to counsellors and psychotherapists and presents at conferences using this model.

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