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Online Therapy/Coaching is a variation to face to face work

Distance Therapy and Coaching to suit you

Online Therapy/Coaching is a variation to face to face work as the name suggests it is carried out online. This means that both you and I are likely to be in separate locations and using one of the many internet ready devices that now exist.

Virtual Space/ Therapy Room

In this instance,​ you do not need any particular software as I use a platform whereby, I invite you to a virtual space/room and all it needs is for you to click the link I send you. Each meeting link is secure and has its own unique identifying number and means that its rather like a lock and key to the meeting time we arrange.

Online Therapy Provisions

Online work is slightly different to the face to face world and as such I have a separate contract from online work so we can talk about all of the issues that may happen such as low-quality internet signal and appointment do’s and don’ts such as not being in a public place and to limit interruptions when we are in the call.

Sandtray Therapy – Non-Talking Therapy

I often use sandtray therapy as a non-talking way to help and explore an issue.

Technology Removing Therapy Access Limitations

Suitable for those who are Housebound, Working Away or Geographically Far Away

Online work can be very helpful for people who are housebound, working away and geographically far away from me and who would still like to work with me. As technology reduces these limits, we find ourselves with a platform in which we can still conduct our sessions.

Secure, GDPR compliant and End to End Encryption for your Piece of Mind

The platform I use is secure, GDPR compliant and has end to end encryption. This coupled with the email platform I use means that your data and session content are protected. This means that you as the client do not need to pay for any software, just the sessions.

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