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What is Functional Coaching?

I am a functional Psychotherapist, also known as a biohacker. I have synthesised approached from my varying fields of training with holistic wellness to create a unique package of coaching, for you to reach your optimal functional self.

Four Fundamentals of Life

I will take you through a programme about the four fundamentals of life that we all need to keep in balance to be coherent, integrated and differentiated. Each area is supported by the others and like the Earth, all four directions are needed for the whole.

‘Hack’ your ultimate health

I will support you through the levels in which you can ‘hack’ your ultimate health and heal from past traumas and life events from the micro to the macro and meta.

Helping you to move forward

I will use my experience as a psychotherapist, researcher, consultant, student and parent to move through area of stagnation and stuckness with you. We then create change and growth forwards where you need it. I will use my extensive knowledge and experience of mental wellness and illness, biological wellness such as epigenetics, nutrition, stress management, and sleep, and how this underpins the four fundamentals of health.

Relationships Support

I will support you through your interpersonal relationships and intrapersonal (your own self) using my knowledge of psychology, human behaviours, psychotherapy and groups dynamics to manage and progress your relationships with other people and your relationship with yourself.

Human Connection and States of Consciousness

Finally, I will support you around consciousness upgrades and humanity based connections. This is not religion based but the bigger picture of human connection and states of consciousness such as flow, embodied movement and unconscious belief driven behaviours and thoughts (we all have them by the way).

Help You Become Awakened and Actualised

Personal Growth that Moves You Towards Harmony with Yourself and the Universe

All four fundamental areas work together and increase connection, consciousness and flow within the world and beyond. From the cellular level to the meta universal views. From micro to macro in the home and workplace. This is a programme to help you become awakened and actualised; this is a personal growth that is grounded in focus of humanity, plus moves you towards harmony with yourself and the universe.

Coaching for Individuals or Groups in the Workplace

This coaching is offered both individually and within/around your business, to decrease staff illness and number of sick days, reduce the stress levels and increase harmony in the workplace. This will benefit you and your staff.

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